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This webinar is hosted by Jenny Florence. Losing someone we love is a tough call under any circumstances, but during the Christmas and New Year Period, loss can be challenging beyond belief. In this conversation, Jenny and John will talk about the process of grieving and explore how to manage the intense emotions that surface during this time.

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This webinar is hosted by NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals.

Many persons with substance use disorders have multiple vulnerabilities. Professionals must know the correlations, implications, and ramifications of these intersections. Clients have often experienced traumas, including domestic violence or sexual assault. Survivors of these crimes also experience trauma reactions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Some have pre-existing conditions, while others develop them as a result of the traumas. Many have turned to addictive substances to cope with ongoing abuse or traumatic memories of prior abuses. Best practices require competency to address substance use disorders and these vulnerabilities. This session will discuss overlapping concerns and hope to address them in partnership with victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Are you familiar with The Center for Child Welfare? If you have anything to do with the Child Welfare System in Florida, then you should be! We are a one stop shop for training, resources and information for anyone working with or caring for children and families in Florida. We invite you to attend our informative live webinar where you can learn about our core functions and how we help the entire system of care. Find out what resources we have available in our extensive knowledge library and learn how you can view our online training to earn training hours.

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Florida State University and the Florida Department of Children and Families are excited to bring Dr. Cynthia Lietz to Florida to pilot Strengths-Based Supervision (SBS: Lietz, 2013), a model of clinical supervision that was developed specifically for child welfare settings. This 90 minute webinar will: a) provide an overview regarding SBS, b) discuss logistics of the project, and c) identify ways you can support supervisors who are participating in the program. This program has been launched in Arizona, Idaho, Texas, and Michigan. Information will be provided regarding the positive response other regions have had about the applicability of this content to the important and complicate work of protecting vulnerable children, youth, and families. We look forward to having you join in this important conversation!

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You are invited to kick off a New Year at a New Venue to participate in New Sessions! After the Independent Living 'Think Tank' hosted in early November, IL directors recommended Camp Anderson for the next IL Quarterly Meeting! Creative sessions around the camp fire, to team building activities on the Paintball Course, there is something for you!

Join us for a retreat style training and strategy meeting where we will discuss major changes in our system, available resources from Sunshine Health and One Voice IMPAACT and equally as important, a time to recharge and retool among passionate peers.

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FREE Training Event... Presented by the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV), the Training Institutes will discuss the discuss the overlap between domestic violence and child welfare, the effects of domestic violence on children, and the trend toward a more collaborative, community-wide response to domestic violence. Presenters will discuss ways to enhance collaboration between certified domestic violence centers and child welfare agencies to enhance child safety and to build the capacity of child welfare and partnering agencies around the dynamics of domestic violence. This training will consist of three different tracks: Child Welfare Supervisor Session, Child Welfare Frontline Staff Session, and a Foster Parent and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Session. This training is mandatory for CPI Project Advocates.

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