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Tourette Syndrome is a childhood onset, neurodevelopmental condition characterized by involuntary movements and/or sounds which wax and wane in severity but can cause considerable impairment. This webinar for Child Welfare Professionals and Caregivers will help build an understanding of Tourette Syndrome and provide information so attendees can better recognize tics, identify sources for services and support, and learn how to advocate for children and youth with Tourette Syndrome and guide them to advocate for themselves.

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This year's conference will provide various networking opportunities including more than 20 presentations, featuring national speakers that will ignite dynamic conversations, and provide innovative and inspiring ideas that will energize our community organizations and improve our system of care.

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The Florida Department of Children and Families is pleased to announce the 2017 Child Protection Summit. This year marks the Summit’s 20th year anniversary. The Summit offers an extraordinary program of current and relevant training topics to further advance the knowledge base of child welfare staff in many critical areas of importance. As the largest child welfare event in Florida, the Department anticipates the 2017 Child Protection Summit will be attended by more than 3,000 child welfare professionals and related partners. Click here for details and to register for the event.

Florida’s Human Trafficking Summit brings together local, state and national leaders working to eradicate all forms of trafficking. The one-day Summit will bring together over 500 attendees from areas covering law enforcement, service providers, survivors, healthcare professionals, educators, legislators and community leaders. Throughout the day, attendees will participate in targeted breakout sessions, workshops and training opportunities. Click here for details and to register for the event.