Acronyms for Child Welfare

Absent Parent/ Alleged Perpetrator AP
Abuse Report/Child Safety Assessment CSA
Abuse Reporting Information Services ARIS
Adjudication ADJ
Administration for Children & Families ACF
Adoption & Related Services ARS
Adoption & Safe Families Act ASFA
Adoption Exchange System AES
Adult Protective Services APS
Affidavit of Diligent Search ADS
Agency for Health Care Administration AHCA
Agency for Persons with Disabilities APD
Alcohol, Drug Abuse & Mental Health ADM
American Public Human Services Association APHSA
Another Permanent Planned Living Arrangement APPLA
Attention Deficit Disorder ADD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD
Batterers Intervention Program BIP
Care Manager CM
Case Plan CP
Chief Information Officer CIO
Child CH
Child Abuse Hotline Hotline
Child Abuse Prevention Treatment Act CAPTA
Child Death Review Team CDRT
Child in Care CIC
Child Justice Center CJC
Child Protection Team CPT
Child Safety Assessment CSA
Child Support Enforcement CSE
Child Welfare Legal Services CWLS
Children Mental Health CMH
Children's Legal Services CLS
Children's Medical Services CMS
Children and Families Operating Procedures CFOP, OP
Child Protection Investigator CPI
Child Welfare Prepaid Mental Health Plan CWPMHP
Chronological Notes Chrono's
Client Information System CIS
Community Based Care CBC
Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment CBHA
Courtesy Supervision CS
Date of Birth DOB
Department of Children & Families DCF, The Department
Department of Juvenile Justice DJJ
Developmental Services DS
Dispositional hearing Dispo
District Administrator DA
District Program Manager DPM
Domestic Violence DV
Early Services Intervention ESI
Economic Self-Sufficiency ESS, ACCESS
Emergency Room ER
Evidence Based Practice EBP
Failure to Thrive FTT
Family Care Manager FCM
Family Centered Practice FCP
Father FX
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome FAS
Florida Abuse Hotline Information System FAHIS
Florida Administrative Code FAC, Rule
Florida Child and Family Service Review FL CFSR
Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE
Florida Safe Families Network FSFN
Florida Statutes FS
Foster Care FC
Foster Home FH
Foster Parents FP
Guardian Ad Litem GAL
Home Study HS
Home Visit HV
Indian Child Welfare Act ICWA
Initial Child Safety Assessment ICSA
Initial Decision Summary IDS
Interstate Compact Placement of Children ICPC
Individual Education Plan IEP
Independent Living Program ILP
Independent Living Services ILS
Judicial Review JR
Judicial Review Social Study Report JRSSR
Law Enforcement LE
Maintenance Adoption Subsidy MAS
Medical Examiner ME
Medicaid Title XIX, XIX
Misdemeanor Misd
Missing Child Report MCR
Model Approach to Partnerships in Parenting MAPP
Mother Mx
Multidisciplinary Team MDT
Multiethnic Placement Act MEPA
National Crime Information Center NCIC
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children NCMEC

Office of the Attorney General OAG, AG
Operations Program Administrator OPA
Out of Home Care OHC
Out of Town Inquiry OTI
Parent Pa
Police Department PD
Post-Placement Supervision PPS
Preserving Families and Fostering Connections PFFC

Pre-Dispositional Study/Report PDS, PDR
Program Operations Administrator POA
Protective Supervision PS
Psychological Evaluation Psych Eval
Public Law PL
Quality Assurance QA
Quality Parenting Initiative QPI
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Refugee Assistance Program RAP
Relative Caregiver Funds RCF
Relative Caregiver Program RCP
Remote Data Capture RDC
Request for Assistance RFA
Residential Group Care RGC
Residential Treatment Center RTC
Rights & Responsibilities R&R
Risk Assessment RA
Road to Independence RTI
Sexual Abuse Treatment Program
Severely Emotionally Disturbed SED
Shaken Baby Syndrome SBS
Sheriffs Office SO
Single Point of Access SPOA
Social Security Administration SSA
Social Security Number SSN
State Attorney's Office SAO
Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program SIPP

Substance Abuse Mental Health SAMH
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS
Supplemental Security Income SSI
Systems of Care SOC
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families TANF
Termination of Parental Rights TPR
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Trauma Informed Care TIC
Therapeutic Foster Home TFH
Treatment Tx
Unified Home Study UHS
Victim Child VC
Voluntary Protective Services VPS