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Adoptions Publications

NEW Helping Your Child Transition From Foster Care to Adoption (CWIG 2018)

Providing Adoption Support and Preservation Services (CWIG 2018)

Talking To Older Youth About Adoption

Talking About Adoption and Gay Parents

Working with Military Families as They Pursue Adoption (CWIG, 2016)

Parenting Your Adopted Preschooler (CWIG, 2015)

Parenting Your Adopted School-Age Child (CWIG, 2015)

Parenting Your Adopted Teenager (CWIG, 2015)

Adoption Support and Preservation Services - A Continuing Public Interest (NRC Adoption, 2012)

Adoption USA: Summary and Highlights from the National Survey of Adoptive Parents (2010)

Adult Adoption: Creating a Lifelong Family Bond and Legal Connection (Fl Children First, 2011)

A Family for Every Child: Strategies to Achieve Permanency for Older Foster Children and Youth (AECF, 2005)

Enhancing Permanency for Youth in Out of Home Care (CWIG,2013)

Facilitating an Adult Adoption as a Pathway to Permanence for Older Youth(NRCPFC, 2013)

Field-Initiated Research on Successful Adolescent Adoptions (CCFS 2004)

Foster Youths' Views of Adoption and Permanency (2008)

Guide to Achieving Adoptions Through Public-Private Contracting - 2007

Impact of Adoption on Adopted Persons (2013)

It's Time to Make Older Child Adoption a Reality (NACAC, 2009)

National Foster Care Adoption Attitudes Survey (DaveThomasFoundation, 2013)

Permanency Pact (FosterClub, 2006)

Postadoption Contact Agreements Between Birth and Adoptive Families (CWIG 2011)

Preparing Children and Youth for Adoption or Other Family Permanency (CWIG, 2013)

Providing Background Information to Adoptive Parents (CWIG, 2012)

Providing Post Adoption Services (CWIG, 2012)

Recruitment and Matching Publications

Re-Homing of Adopted Children and States Responsibilities to Provide Post-Adoption Services (ACF Memo, 2014)

Six Steps to Find a Family

Ten Myths and Realities of Sibling Adoption (AdoptUSKids)

They're Never Too Old (Advice on Adopting Teens)

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt a Teen

Who May Adopt, Be Adopted, or Place a Child for Adoption? (CWIG 2012)

Working With Birth and Adoptive Families to Support Open Adoption (CWIG, 2013)

Working with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Families in Adoption (CWIG 2016)

You're Never Too Old (Advice for Teens on Being Adopted)