Psychotropic Medication Resources

Forms and Staff Resources
University of Florida MedConsult Line (
On-line submission of the preconsent review form for children under age 11 receiving two or more psychotropic medications
CF-FSP 5228 - Psychotropic Medication Informed Consent Facilitation (May'10)
Completed by the Case Manager and submitted to CLS with Psychotropic Medication Packet.
CF-FSP 5314 - Emergency Intake Form (May'10)
Completed by CPI at time of shelter to document medication and medical needs
CF-FSP 5339 - Medical Report Form (Jan'10)
Completed by the pprescribing physician.
CF-FSP 5341 - Psychiatric Evaluation Referral Form (May'10)
Completed and provided to the Dr prior to an evaluation
Fl Administrative Code (FAC 65C-35) Psychotropic Medication for Children in Out of Home Care
FSFN User Guide -Psychotropic Medication Business Rules with Data Entry Guidelines (DCF, 2009)
DCF Memoranda
New Requirements for Pre-Consent Review of Psychotropic Meds (12/2/10)
Documentation of Psychotropic Medications (12/8/11)
Oversight of Psychotropic Medication for Children in Out-of-Home Care (3/15/12)
Training Resources
Psychotropic Medications (07/28/2014)(1.5 hours)
Mental Health Medication for Children- Free online training(FIU)

Medication Information and Guides
Making Healthy Choices, A Guide on Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care (CB, 2012)
Anti-Depressant Medications for Children and Adolescents: Information for Parents and Caregivers (NIMH)
Anti-Depressant Medicines, Depression and other Serious Mental Illnesses (FDA Guide)
Drug, Supplements, and Herbal Information (MedlinePlus)
Guide to Psychiatric Medications for Children and Adolescents (NYU CSC)
Mental Health Medications (NIMH)
Parent's Guide - Understanding Psychotropic Medications (FSSNF)
Medication Guidelines for Children (USF)
Psychiatric Medications - Questions to Ask (AACAP)
Supporting Youth in Foster Care in Making Healthy Choices (CB, 2015)
Use of Medication in Treating Childhood and Adolescent Depression (APA)

Reports and Publications
DCF Psychotropic Medication Listing (weekly updates)
Florida Statewide Advocacy Council Report: Psychotropic Drug Use in Foster Care (2003)
Gabriel Myers Workgroup (Link to DCF website)
Gabriel Myers Workgroup Final Report (Nov'09)
HHS Guidance Could Help States Improve Oversight of Psychotropic Prescriptions (GAO, Dec'11)
Multi-State Study on Psychotropic Medication Oversight in Foster Care - Executive Summary (Tufts CTSI, Sep'10)
Oversight of Off-Label Prescribing of Atypical Antipsychotic Medications for Children Under Six (Fl Medicaid 2009)
Pregnant and Parenting Youth in FC: The Complexities That Surround the Use of Psychotropic Medications (CSSP, 2013)