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Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Coronavirus Updates

We will use this page to keep you up to date with reputable resources and any best practice recommendations or policy updates.

Practice Information for Working with Children and Families

NEW Action for Child Protection COVID Statement (Includes link to register for Virtual Learning Opportunities)

NEW Action for Child Protetion Guidelines for Onging Safety Management: Maintaining Sufficient Surveillance and Support Webinar Overview (Includes the following resources: Adapting Practice During a Public Health Crisis: Guidelines for Public Child Welfare, Tips for Conducting Virtual Contact with Placement Providers,Caseworker Tips for Conducting Virtual Home Assessments & Tips for Preparing for a Professional Virtual Child Welfare Contact)

ACF Update on Policy Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy - Resources for Coping with the Coronavirus

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services - Program Guidance

Child Welfare Safety Assessment and Planning During COVID-19 and Physical Distancing (National Council on Crime & Deliquency)

Coronavirus- What Child Welfare Systems Need to Think About (Chronicals of Social Change)

How to Protect and Care for Your Family (HealthyChildren.org)

How to Talk to Children About Coronavirus (COVID-19) Video (Child Mind Institute)

National Association of Counsel for Children

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with Coronavirus (NCTSN)

Social Work Professional Organization Information (Resources from social work professional organizations to help you navigate social work practice during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Successful Video Visits With Young Children (National Council on Crime & Deliquency)

Summer Break Spot (Free Meals for Kids and Teens - Florida

Surviving COVID-19: A #RealCollege Guide for Students (Hope4College.com, 3/23/20)

Youth Law Center - COVID19 Updates

Tips for Families: Coronavirus (Zero to Three)

General Precautions and Health Safety

CDC’s Recommendations for Implementation of Mitigation Strategies for Florida

Cleaning and Disenfecting Recommendations (CDC)

Guidelines for Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (OSHA.gov)

Joint Commission Statement on Use of Face Masks Brought From Home (Jointcommission.org)

Keeping the Workplace Safe (CDC)

Tip Sheet: Working From Home

Tip Sheet for Child Welfare Workers: Helping Parents, Caregivers and Children during COVID-19

Resources and Activities for Children at Home

Educational Resources for Children at Home due to COVID-19

250+ Creative Ways to Keep Children Busy During the COVID-19 Crisis

Simple Activites for Children and Adolescents (NCTSN)

List of Florida School Districts and Links to their website