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DCF Policy Memos

This page contains memos issued by DCF for 2021 and 2020  Click here for memos issued prior to 2020.

2021 DCF Memos

NEW Chafee Consolidated Appropriation Act Division X-Supporting Foster Youth and Families Through the Pandemic Act (8/16/21)

CFOP 170-1, Chapter 14, Completing a Diligent Search for Parent or Diligent Efforts to Locate Relatives (6/16/21)

CFOP 170-1, Chapter 11: Investigations Involving an Ongoing Case (6/15/21)

CFOP 170-5, Chapter 4: Investigation Types and Use of the Family Functioning Assessment (FFA) (6/13/21)

CFOP 170-1, Chapter 16, Response to Special Conditions Referrals (6/11/21)

2021-2022 Federal Poverty Level Guidelines for TANF - Effective 7/1/21 (6/10/21)

Discontinuing Virtual Home Visits,Including Adoption Home Visits and Adjustments to Licensing Standards - Effective 6/30/21 (6/8/21)

Child Protective Investigation Assignments in FSFN (6/8/21)

COVID-19 Vaccination Consents & Court Orders (4/7/21)

‘GO’ for FSFN Enhancements – April 2021 Release (4/1/21)

‘Get Ready’ for FSFN Enhancements coming April 2, 2021 (3/12/21)

Child Welfare Professionals Providing Care and Supervision for Children in a Child-Caring Agency (3/5/21)

Falsification in the Workplace Training - Required (2/12/21)

CFOP 170-5, Chapter 28: Investigative Response to Institutional Intakes (replaces CFOP 175-12) (2/11/21)

CFOP 170-16, Administrative Functions, Chapter 7, Funeral Arrangements for Children in Foster Care (Replaces CFOP 175-70) (2/11/21)

GO for FSFN Enhancements deploying on January 29, 2021 (1/29/2021)

2021 Foster Parent Cost of Living Allowance Increase (1/22/2021)

FSFN Enhancement Release Postponed – January 2021 Release (1/22/2021)

CFOP 170-16, Chapter 4, State Institutional Claims for Damages Caused by Shelter or Foster Child (replaces CFOP 175-60) (1/13/2021)

2020 DCF Memos

Abusive Head Trauma and Child Sexual Abuse Training - Required (12/23/20)

‘Get Ready’ for FSFN Enhancements coming January 22, 2021 (with Attachment) (12/22/20)

Adoption Target Policy Review and Update (12/15/20)

CFOP 170-5 Chapter 26, Supervisor Consultations(12/3/20)

Updates to the Adoption Benefits for State Employees Program (12/3/20)

CFOP 170-15, Chapter 10, Title IV-E Candidacy for In-Home Supervision Cases (11/13/20)

CFOP 170-12, Chapter 3, Adoption Applicant Review Committee (11/10/20)

CPI File Cabinet Upload (10/16/20)

Discontinuing Name-Based Criminal History Checks for Employment or Licensure Effective October 21, 2020 (10/20/20)

CFOP 170-3, Procedures Related to Missing Children, replacing CFOP 175-85 (10/15/20)

CFOP 170-1, Ch. 2, Core Concepts; and CFOP 170-7, Ch. 5, Safety Plan Involving Release of a Child with Non-Maltreating Parent/Legal Guardian (10/15/20)

FSFN Enhancements will deploy on October 9, 2020 (10/8/20)

CFOP 170-2, Completing Hotline Intake Assessment, Chapter 1, Conducting an Interview; and Chapter 7, Screening Decision and Response Time for Child Takes (9/28/20)

CFOP 50-1, Criminal Justice Information Services, Chapter 9, Fingerprint Applicant Notification and Acknowledgement; Chapter 10, Caretaker Screening; and Chapter 11, Exemption from Disqualification (9/28/20)

CFOP 170-9, Chapter 5, Case Planning to Support Family Change (9/28/20)

CFOP 170-15, Federal and State Funding Eligibility (9/18/20)

CFOP 155-10/175-40 has been renumbered to CFOP 170-18 and Chapter 3, Psychotropic Medications, has been updated (9/17/20)

Chapter 2020-31, Laws of Florida (Senate Bill 698) and Implications for Child Protection Teams Services and Examinations - Effective Immediately (9/16/20)

CFOP 170-10, Chapter 13, Guardianship Assistance Program (9/2/20)

CFOP 170-4, Child Maltreatment Index (9/1/20)

CFOP 170-5, Chapter 9: Coordination with Child Protection Team (CPT); Medical Neglect Consultations (9/1/20)

Updates to rules 65C-30.006, F.A.C., Case Planning, and 65C-30.008, F.A.C., Child Welfare Professional Responsibilities to Parents (8/31/20)

Office of Child Welfare (OCW) Policy and Practice Documentation of Virtual Contact (8/12/20)

CFOP 170-11, Placement; Chapter 15, Non-DCF License (8/11/20)

FSFN Enhancement to document Virtual Contacts will deploy on August 7, 2020 (8/7/20)

Adoption of Chapter 65C-45, F.A.C., Levels of Licensure and repeal of CFOP 170-11, Chapter 16, Levels of Licensure (7/24/20)

Home Visits and Visitation During COVID (7/23/20)

OCW COVID‐19 Guidance for Frontline Team Members (7/21/20)

OCW COVID‐19 Guidance: Required Use of Personal Protective Equipment for DCF Frontline Team Members (7/21/20)

Child Protective Investigation Response for Children in a Florida Association of Christian Child Caring Agencies (FACCCA) Home or Facility (6/29/20)

CFOP 170-10 Providing Services and Support for Children in Care and For Caregivers: Chapter 2, Behavioral Health Care Engagement (6/26/20)

‘Go’ for FSFN Enhancements coming on June 26, 2020 (6/26/20)

2020-2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines for TANF - Effective July 1, 2020 (6/12/20)

2020-2021 TANF Eligibility Form CF-FSP 5244

FSFN Enhancements deployed on May 20, 2020 (with attachment (5/29/20)

Continuing Education Training Requirements for Foster Parents (5/28/20)

Identification of Professional Licensure or Employment in a Group Home on an Intake Report (5/26/20)

CFOP 170-11, Chapter 5, 60-Day Independent Review by Qualified Evaluators and 30-Day visits for children residing in residential treatment programs out-of-state (5/22/20)

Temporary Background Screening Procedures For Submitting Name Based Checks with Supporting Documentation (4/17/20)

Temporary Name-Based Criminal History Checks for Employment or Licensure (4/17/20)

'Go' for FSFN Enhancements coming on April 3, 2020

'Get Set' for FSFN Enhancements coming April 3, 2020

OCW Guidance for COVID-19: Suggested Use of Personal Protective Equipment for DCF Frontline Team Members (3/29/20)

OCW Guidance for COVID-19: Guidance for CPI and API Frontline Team Members (3/23/20)

OCW Guidance for COVID-19: Methods for 30-Day Visits for Children, Youth, Young Adults Placed In-State Care (3/23/20)

'Get Ready' for FSFN Enhancements Coming April 3, 2020 (3/20/20)

CFOP 50-1, Criminal Justice Information Services Policy Update (3/13/20)

CFOP 170-1, Chapter 6, Section 16-7 Fingerprint Exemptions for Household Members (3/13/20)

Requests for Non-DCF License for In-State Placements (3/4/20)

Child Protective Investigations Notifications to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) and the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA)(2/26/20)

Children Sleeping in Offices, Hotels, or Other Unlicensed/Unapproved Placements (2/21/20)

2020 Foster Parent Cost of Living Allowance Increase (1/17/20)

CFOP 170-11, Chapter 12, Foster Home Licensing (1/15/20)

Tuition and Fee Exemption for Former Foster Youth and Positive Pathways Program (Positive Pathways) (1/10/20)