National Child Welfare Monitoring and Data Reports

Adoption and Foster Care Reporting and Analysis System (AFCARS)
Florida AFCARS Assessment Review (Aug'12, Children's Bureau)
AFCARS Resources (Children's Bureau)
Preliminary AFCARS (FY'12)Estimates as of July 2013 (Rpt #20)
Preliminary AFCARS (FY'11)Estimates as of July 2012 (Rpt #19)
Preliminary AFCARS (FY'10)Estimates as of June 2011 (Rpt #18)
Preliminary AFCARS (FY'09)Estimates as of July 2010 (Rpt #17)
Forum on Child and Family Statistics -
America's Children 2015 Report
America's Young Adults - Special Issue 2014 Report
America's Children 2013 Report
America's Children 2012 Report
America's Children 2011 Report
America's Children 2010 Report
Kids Count - Casey Foundation
National Kids Count Data Center
2016 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2015 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2014 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2013 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2012 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2011 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
2010 Kids Count Data Book (Casey Foundation)
National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System - NCANDS
National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect
Child Maltreatment 2013 (ACF, Children's Bureau)
Child Maltreatment 2012 (ACF, Children's Bureau)
Child Maltreatment 2011 (ACF, Children's Bureau)
Child Maltreatment 2010 (ACF, Children's Bureau)
Child Maltreatment 2009 (ACF, Children's Bureau)
Child Maltreatment 2008 (ACF, Children's Bureau)

Miscellaneous Reports
"A New Chapter - Leaving Our Mark on a New Generation"(Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's 2010 Foster Youth Intern Report)
Adoptions of Children with Public Child Welfare Agency Involvement, FY2002-2009 (HSS, Aug'10)
Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities: Statistics and Interventions (CWIG)
Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) Aggregate Report - Round 2, FY 07-10 (Dec'11)
Child Welfare Outcomes Report Data - Custom Report Builder (ACF)
Children in Public Foster Care Waiting to be Adopted, FY2002-2009 (HHS, Aug'10)
Foster Care Data Snapshot (ChildTrends 2011)
Foster Care Statistics 2010 (
Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect (NIS-4) (DHHS Report to Congress)
Kinship Caregivers in the Child Welfare System (NSCAW 2010)
LONGSCAN - Science to Practice; Ensuring Safety, Well-Being and Permanency for Our Children (2013)
National IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project Profiles (2012)
Recent Demographic Trends in Foster Care (ACYF, 2013)
Reports and Results of the Child and Family Services Reviews (CFSR)
State Secrecy and Child Deaths in the US (Children's Advocacy Institute)
States Use Flexible Federal Funds, But Struggle to Meet Service Needs (GAO, 2013)
Synthesis of Findings: Title IV-E Flexible Funding Child Welfare Waiver Demonstrations (2011)
The Transition to Adulthood - How States Can Support Older Youth in Foster Care (NGA Center for Best Practices, Dec'10)
Who Are America's Poor Children? (NCCP, Jan'11)