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Information and Training Resources for Child Welfare Professionals

Educational Resources

Florida Specific Resources

General Resources and Information

Educational Stability

ESSA Implementation Toolkit: Improving Education Outcomes for Children and Youth in Foster Care

Clearing the Path for School Success for Children in Out of Home Care (2009)

Educational Rights of Homeless Students: What District Administrators Should Know

Foster Care & Education Q&A: Credit Transfer & School Completion, (ABA, 2008)

Foster Care & Education Q&A: Fostering Connections for Success (ABA, 2008)

Foster Care & Education Q&A: The Uninterrupted Scholars Act (Recent Changes to FERPA) (ABA, 2013)

Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act (Casey)

McKinney-Vento & Children & Youth Awaiting Foster Care Placement

Organizational Self-Study on Educational Stability

Prompt & Proper Placement: Enrolling Students without Records

School Selection for Students in Out of Home Care

Students in Foster Care (US Dept of Education)

What Child Welfare Professionals Need to Know about Awaiting Placement & McKinney-Vento

Special Education Issues

IEP Meeting Checklist

Learning Disabilities Association of America

Procedural Safeguards for Parents of Students with Disabilities (Dept of Ed, 2010)

Special Education Decision Making: Role of Child Welfare Caseworker

Surrogate Parents for Exceptional Students (FL DOE, 2012)

Surrogate Parents Information for Students with Disabilities and Special Education (12/09)

Understanding the ADA Amendments Act and Section 504 - The Impact on Students

What is Exceptional Student Education for Children with Disabilities (FLDOE 2011)