FSFN Reports, Information and Resources

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FSFN Enhancement Resources

Enhancement Guides
Introduction to Background Checks Process (06/29/15)
Introduction to Risk Assessment Process (06/29/15)
FSFN Quarter 2 Hotfix Build Notes (12/22/13)
Patently Unfounded (11/8/13)
Supervisor Consultations (11/8/13)
Implementation Feedback (11/8/13)
Known Issues and Workarounds - Q1 (11-8-13)
Phase 1 Implementation Sites - FFA Policy (11/1/13)
FSFN Activation Software Build Security Changes (11/1/13)
Safety Plan Guidelines, All Staff (11/1/13)
Processing of Additional and Supplemental Intakes (11-8-13)
Other Parent Home Assessment (OPHA)Case Note Type (Updated 11-8-13)
Other Parent Home Assessment Template (Word Doc) (10/25/13)
Other Parent Home Assessment Guidance (PowerPoint) (10/25/13)
Safety Plan Template (10/25/13)
Investigation Sub-Type “OTHER” (10/25/13)
Maltreatment Types (10/25/13)
FSFN 'Tip of the Month'
Person Address Changes (June, 2015)
Judicial Review (May, 2015)
Progress Update (April, 2015)
Case Plan Worksheet (Mar, 2015)
Unprotecting FSFN Documents (Jan, 2015)
Change Worker Email Address (Dec, 2014)
Video Training
FSFN Enhancements - Safety Through Technology (2016)
(Workload Listing, Safety Determination/Plan Types, Child Fatality, Other Investigations, Patently Unfounded and False Reports)
Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN) End-User Training: Background Check/Re-Check Request (07/10/2015) (08:52)
Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN) End-User Training: Risk Assessment (07/10/2015) (39:24)
FSFN Enhancements (FFA, CP Worksheet, Progress Update, JR Worksheet) (6/18/14) (20:34)
Introduction to Actuarial Risk Assessment (4/16/14) (:30)
FSFN Trust Account Enhancements (3/11/14)(1:10:57)
FSFN Process Payments Enhancements (3/11/14)(41:56)
FSFN Service Authorization Enhancements (3/11/14) (58:04)
FSFN Enhancements: Safety Methodology Introduction and Activations Web Based Training Modules Page
Unified Home Study Training: The Interim Process - What's Coming in FSFN Release 2 (04/18/2013) (01:09:06)

General FSFN Reports, Information and Resources

FSFN Reports Information
AFCARS Adoption Error Guide (2007)
AFCARS - Foster Care Error Guide (2010)
Database Dictionary (FSFN OLTP) (2014)
How to Access HSN Reports in FSFN
OCA Reconciliation (2012)
OCA Roll-up (2012)
 Pre-Service Training Materials
Florida Integrated Pre-Service Training Curriculum
FSFN Seed Data Booklet (03/17/2010)
FSFN Seed Data Workshop (PowerPoint)
Guidance Documents
FSFN Reconciliation Process Reference Guide Draft (12/16/13)
FSFN Automated Messages - Guidance Document (06/27/2011)
Guide for Utilizing the Scanning Feature and File Cabinets in FSFN (2011)
OTI and Case Transfer Assignment Process (2011)
Reporting Subsystem-Business Objects--Quick Reference Guide
The National Youth in Transition Database (NYTD) Served Populuation Desk Reference (2016)




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Appropriate Use of FSFN
Access of person and/or case information in FSFN is only for legitimate business purposes. Please exercise common sense and good judgment when accessing FSFN. FSFN should not be used to access cases that are in the news, or to access your own personal case, or that of a family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance.

If you have any questions about appropriate FSFN case access, contact your supervisor or your agency's IT Support staff. Click here to review the DCF policy on Security of Data and IT Resources.