Master Trust

Laws, Rules & Policies
CFOP 175-59 Master Trust for Benefit of Family Safety Program Clients
F.A.C 65C-17: Master Trusts
Master Trust and Fee Waiver Memo (8-10-07)
SSA Policy on Transfer of Master Trust Funds (3/11/11)
Forms and Tools
Master Trust Case Work Guidelines (2009)
Master Trust Expenditure Plan
Master Trust Issues Checklist (2009)
Notice of Fee Assessments & Rights of Foster Child Regarding Government Benefits (CF-285)
Notarized Designation of Client Money & Property (CF-5222)
Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) (SSA-585)
Suggestions for Uses of Benefits
General Information
Dedicated Accounts for Children (SSI 2014)
Handling Master Trusts in Dependency Court (FL Office of Court Improvement 2012)
Plan to Achieve Self Support (SSI Resources)
Training Resources
FSFN Fiscal Training - Trust Accounts
Managing Master Trust Accounts (2012)
Master Trust/Client Trust: Legal Fiduciary Obligations & Necessary Social Work (2008)