Florida Title IV-E Waiver Information

Florida IV-E Waiver Documentation
2014 - IV-E Waiver Terms and Conditions
2014 - IV-E Waiver Initial Design and Implementation Report
2007 - Florida State Plan for Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (with Attachment A - Certification of Required State Legislation)
Florida Title IV-E Initial Design and Implementation Report (Rev. 10/2015)
Florida Title IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project Extension Final Evaluation Plan (2015)
Florida's IV-E Waiver Demonstration Project Newsletter (01/2017)
Florida IV-E Waiver Evaluation Reports

DCF IV-E Waiver Presentations
Child Welfare Reform, Committee on Healthy Families(2007)
DCF Handout information packet 5-08
Impact of Title IV-E Waiver - Simplified Eligibility Process (2007)
Title IV-E Waiver - Health care Appropriations Committee (2006)
Additional Resources
16th Annual Child Welfare Waiver Demonstration Projects Meeting - Materials and Presentations (2014)
Getting What We Pay For - Do Expenditures Align with Outcomes in the CW System? (Chapin Hall, 2006)
How and Why the Current Funding Structure Fails to Meet Needs of CW (ASPE, 2005)
National IV-E Waiver Project Profiles (2012)
Guides and FAQ's
General Title IV-E Requirements, Criminal Record and Registry Checks (2007)
IV-E Eligibility Simplification Guide (2006)
IV-E Questions and Answers (2006)
Title IV-E Waiver - Service Array and Practice Guide (2006)
Title IV-E Waiver Plan (FFN, 2007)