Florida Administrative Code
Department of Children and Families Rules
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F.A.C. 65C Family Safety and Preservation Program (all Chapters)
F.A.C. 65C-28 (Out of Home Care Chapter)
F.A.C. 65C-29 (Protective Investigations Chapter)
F.A.C 65C-30 (General Child Welfare Provisions Chapter)
F.A.C. 65C-31 (Services to Young Adults Chapter)
F.A.C. 65C-35 (Psychotropic Medication for Children in Out of Home Care Chapter)
F.A.C. 65A -DCF - Economic Self-Sufficiency Program
F.A.C. 65B - DCF - Developmental Services Program
F.A.C. 65D - DCF - Substance Abuse Program
F.A.C. 65E - DCF - Mental Health Program
F.A.C. 65G - DCF - Agency for Persons with Disabilities
F.A.C. 65H - DCF - Domestic Violence
Other Florida Agencies
F.A.C. 59G - Agency for Health Care Administration - Medicaid
F.A.C. 63 - Dept of Juvenile Justice
F.A.C. 64C - Dept of Health - Children's Medical Services
F.A.C. 64F - Dept of Health - Family Health Services
F.A.C. 64V - Dept of Health - Vital Statistics