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2014 Legislative Changes

Resource Page
House Bill 561 Overview
House Bill 977 Overview
House Bill 989 Overview
House Bill 7141 Overview
Senate Bill 1666 Overview



Central Region
Circuit 1
Local Services Directory
Northwest Region Community Based Care Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Program Contacts
Circuit 4
Local Services Directory
School Schedules for All Counties in Florida
Circuit 5
County to County Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 9
County to County Contacts
Circuit 10
County to County Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 12
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Program Contacts
Local Services Directory (Suncoast Region)
Circuit 13 (Hillsborough)
Circuit 13 Calendar
Education Resources and Information for Children
General Resources for Adoptive Parents
General Resources for All Parents and Caregivers
Online Training Library
Parenting and Child Welfare Webinars and Training Events
Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Committee Page
Circuit 13 Safe Reduction Workgroup
Circuit 14
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Program Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 15
CBC Lead Agency Operations Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 17
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Programs Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 18
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Programs Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 19
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Programs Contacts
Local Services Directory
Circuit 20
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions and Programs Contacts
Local Services Directory (Charlotte, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Lee)
Local Services Directory (SunCoast Region)
School Schedules (All Counties)
Suncoast Region



CBC Lead Agency Contacts
CBC Lead Agency Operations, Adoptions, and Program Contacts
Northwest Region
Northeast Region
Central Region
Central Region
Southeast Region
Southern Region
CBC Lead Agencies Revenue Maximization Contacts
City to County Look Up
Contract Manager Contacts
DCF Region Contacts
Guardian ad Litem
ICWA Regional Specialists
Independent Living Contacts
Independent Living Statewide Contacts
Law Enforcement Contacts
Licensing Specialists Directory
Local Services Directory
Northwest Region (Escambia - Okaloosa -Santa Rosa - Walton
Circuit 14 - Northwest Region
Circuit 2 - Northwest Region
District 3 - Northeast Region
District 4 - Northeast Region
District 12 - Northeast Region
District 13 - Central Region
District 7 - Central Region
District 14 - Central Region
Local Services Directory (cont'd)
Suncoast Region (Desoto - Hillsborough - Manatee - Pasco - Pinellas - Sarasota)
District 8 - Suncoast Region
District 9 - Southeast Region
District 10 - Southeast Zone
District 11 - South Zone
Out of County Services Contacts
Quality Assurance
Regional Champions Contact Information
Sherriff's Child Protective Investigation Units
Contact the Center



Dependency Court FAQs
Dependency Court Guides and Tools



All FAQs
Ask a FAQ



FSFN Reports, Information and Resources
FSFN FAQ Answer Page
How Do I Guides
Reference Data
Safety Methodology Enhancements
Topic Papers
Templates and Notifications
Training Resources
User Guides
How Do I Guides
Reference Data
Templates and Notifications
Topic Papers
User Guides



Administrative Code
F.A.C. 65C
F.A.C. 65C-28
F.A.C. 65C-29
F.A.C. 65C-30
F.A.C. 65C-31
F.A.C. 65C-35
Federal Regulations
Florida Statutes
Chapter 39 Proceedings Related to Children (2014)
Chapter 63 Adoption
Chapter 409 Health and Human Services - Miscellaneous Provisions (2014)
Resource Page for Legislative Changes in 2014 Session
HB 561 - Attorney for Dependent Children
HB 977 - Normalcy
HB 989 - Human Trafficking (prosecution)
HB 7141 - Human Trafficking (services)
SB 1666 - Child Welfare
Policy Memoranda
DCF Historical Memos
Practice Guidelines and Operating Procedures
Other DCF Operating Procedures



5 Year Child and Family Services Plan
Annual Progress and Service Reports
CFSR Report
DCF Strategic Direction
Florida Child Welfare Services Gap Analysis Report
Florida Senate Committee Report
Interagency Agreements
Mandated Reports to Legislature
Independent Living Services Advisory Council Reports
Office of Inspector General Reports
OPPAGA Reports
Prevention and Permanency Plans
Florida Senate Committee Report
Publications by Topic
Child Development
Cultural Competency and Diversity
Dependency Court
Domestic Violence
Evidence-based and Best Practices
Family Engagement and Family Centered Practice
Independent Living
Missing and Runaway Children
Out of Home Care
Parents and Caregivers
Prevention and Safety
Publications by Topic (cont'd)
Professional Development and Workforce Support
Quality Assurance
Recruitment and Matching
Reunification and Visitation
Safety Assessments
Sexual Abuse
Sexual Exploitation of Children (AKA Human Trafficking)
Systems Collaboration and Improvement
System of Care
Teacher Resources
Trauma Informed Care
Youth (in Care, Transitioning, Homelessness)
Task Force Reports


Quality Improvement

Annual CQI Plans
Annual Reports and Trends
Case Management QA/CQI Reports
CPI QA/CQI Reports
Sheriff Office Protective Investigations Reports
Case Management Discretionary Review Reports
Child Protective Investigations Discretionary Review Reports
Statewide Review Reports
Calendar of Reviews
CBC Agency Accreditation
Child and Family Service Review (CFSR) Portal
CFSR Onsite Review Instrument
CFSR Quality Improvement Plan
Child Fatalities
Florida Administrative Code - 65C-30.020 Child Deaths
Florida Administrative Code - 65C-30.021 Child Death Reviews
Annual Reports
Contract Oversight
DCF Performance Dashboard
Florida Kids Count Reports
Implementing Improvement
IV-E Waiver Evaluation Reports
Monthly CBC Lead Agency Scorecard
National Data Reports
Online Training Videos
Pre-Service and Other Curricula
Standards for Case Management Rapid Safety Feedback
Standards for CPI Rapid Safety Feedback
Standards for Child and Family Services Review
Tool Box
Quality Services Review
Trainers Corner
Trend Reports
Windows Into Practice Guidelines



Adoption Contacts by Circuit
Adoptive Parent Resources
Adoption Publications
City/County Look-Up Tool
Child Death/Injury Interview and Documentation Guide
Child Development
CPI Scorecard
Diligent Search Resources
Early Learning
Educational Resources
Florida School Schedules - Listing By County
Extended Foster Care: My Future, My Choice
Extended Foster Care Forms and Applications
Florida Permanency Roundtables
Florida Permanency Roundtables Power Point Slides
Florida Youth and Young Adult Survey Results
Foster Home Health Inspection Form
Foster Home Health Inspection - Train the Trainer Slides
Foster Home Water Sample Testing Sites
Foster Parent Association/Support Groups
Foster Parent Resources
Florida Child Welfare Acronyms
FSFN eLearnings
Health and Dental Resources
Health Department Directory
Hotlines and Helplines
ICPC Forms, Tips, Guides, and Resources
ICPC State Pages
IRS Tax Credit
ILSAC Reports
Independent Living Employment Resources
Independent Living Statewide Contacts
Indian Child Welfare Act
Law Enforcement Contacts
Laws Related to Independent Living
DRAFT F.A.C. 65C-41 Extended Foster Care
Licensed Private Adoption Agencies
Licensing Specialists Directory
Maltreatment Index
Master Trust
Mental Health
Missing Children Resources
What is the Normalcy Plan?
Are children in care allowed to spend the night away from their foster home?
At what age should a foster youth choose and educational goal/plan? What should be included and can it be changed?
Can a youth in care obtain a learner’s permit?
Is parental permission required prior to a child in care receiving a haircut?
What is the role of a group home in normalcy?
What liability does a Foster Parent have in allowing a foster youth to participate in age appropriate activities?
Online Resource Guides
Parenting Resources
Parent's Guide to Juvenile Dependency Court
Photolisting Websites
Permanency at a Glance
Post Adoption Workers by County
Prevention and Permanency Plans
Prevention Guidance Memo
Prevention Resources for the Professional
Psychotropic Medication
Quality Parenting Initiative
Regional Champions Contact Information
Reunion Registry
Revenue Maximization Resources
2013 Statewide Rev Max Meeting Presentation Files
Eligibility Enhancements Webinars (under 'New Releases')
Safety Methodology eLearnings
Safety Methodology FAQs
Safety Methodology Overview
Safety Methodology Training Overview
School Schedules by County
Sexual Exploitation of Children (AKA Human Trafficking)
Sherriff Child Protection Contacts
Six Phases of a PRT
State Child Abuse Registries
Substance Abuse
Support Groups
Technical Assistance and Updates
Title IV-E Waiver
Florida IV-E Waiver Evaluation Reports
Transformation Materials Archived
FSFN Safety Methodology eLearnings
Trauma Informed Care
When a Teen Says No to Permanence
Whole Child Florida Project
Work Examples
Youth Space



Medical Neglect Specialist Training
Online Training Videos
Archived Videos
Pre-Service and Other Curricula
Florida Child Welfare Pre-Service Curriculum
Family Centered Practice
Integration of Services Training Series
K-12 Education Report Card Training and Materials
Mentoring Through Qualitative Discussion
Supervising for Excellence
Trainers Corner
Web Event Setup


Web Resources

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