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Child Protection Safety Methodology Project Overview
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Training Managers Meeting
Quarterly Training Managers Webcast (Sept 2016)
Case Management Specialty Track (7/6/16)
Quarterly Training Managers Webcast (May 2016)
Curricula Resources
Digital Stories From the Field (NRCPFC)
Educator's Toolkit (Child Welfare Information Gateway)
Introduction to Safety Methodology: FSFN Enhancements (Trainer Information)
Florida and National Child Welfare Training Curricula
Florida Pre-Service Training Curriculum
Florida Risk Assessment Training Workbook (Updated 10/2016)
Florida Safety Methodology eLearning Modules
Florida Stopgap Training Curriculum
FSFN Seed Data Workshop (PowerPoint)
Supervisor Safety Methodology Classroom Training
Worker Training Management (video, 2013)
DCF Memos and Information
FSFN Statewide Training Course Titles (08/14/14)
Decision Matrix- Training Delivery Methods (03/2013)
E-Learning Guidelines (03/06/2013)
PowerPoint Guidelines for Training Activities (03/06/2013)
Peer Trainer Network Announcements:
New Pre-Service Curriculum(12/6/2013)
Message from Florida Certification Board: Stop Gap Testing(09/30/2013)
Medical Assistance for former foster youth up to age 26 under the Affordable Care Act (09/11/2013)
FSFN Introduction to Safety Methodology to Go Live July 7! (06/21/2013)
Worker Training Management and Safety Methodology FSFN Enhancements update (06/07/2013)
Pre-service 'Stopgap' Curriculum, Skill Building Training and Pre-service Test (05/24/2013)
Pre-service, Training Plans and Safety Methodology (04/17/2013)
Worker Training Management(03/22/2013)
Click here to locate the FSFN How Do I and User Guides and Topic Paper
E-Learning Guidelines (03/15/2013)
Visitation Protocol (02/28/2013)
Child Protection Overview Video (02/22/2013)
Safety Methodology Updates (01/16/2013)
General Trainer Tools and Resources
Building Effective Training Systems for Child Welfare Agencies
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Great Webinars: How to Create Interactive Learning that is Captivating, Informative and Fun
National Review of Child Welfare Pre-Service Curriculum Development Methods and Training Materials (USF, 2013)
Training Tips, Tools and Icebreakers