Prevention and Strengthening Families

The Protective Factors

Tips on exploring strengths and needs of...
Concrete Support for Parents (CWIG)
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development (CWIG)
Nurturing and Attachment (CWIG)
Parental Resilience (CWIG)
Social Connections (CWIG)
Social and Emotional Competence of Children (CWIG)
Tip Sheets to Share with Parents and Caregivers (CWIG)
Parent Leadership and Family Involvement
A Recipe for Growth
Building Family Capacity for Family Involvement in Child Welfare (HHS, 2011)
Tips to Build and Sustain Parent Leadership
Protective Factors for Strengthening Families
2016/2017 Prevention Guide Resource: Building Community, Building Hope (CWIG, 2017)
2016 Prevention Guide Resource: Building Community, Building Hope (CWIG, 2016)
2015 Resource Guide: Making Meaningful Connections (HHS-2014)
Promoting Protective Factors for Children and Youth in Foster Care (CWIG, 2015)
Promoting Protective Factors for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (CWIG, 2015)
Promoting Protective Factors for In-Risk Families and Youth (CWIG, 2015)
Promoting Protective Factors for Pregnant and Parenting Teens (CWIG, 2015)
Promoting Protective Factors for Victims of Child Abuse and Neglect (CWIG, 2015)
Protective Factors Approaches in Child Welfare (CWIG, 2014)
Resource for Action: Implementing the Strengthening Families Protective Factors Framework (Online Training Resource)
Strengthening Families Approach
What are the Protective Factors? (Center for the Study of Social Policy)

Family Preservation

Allied for Better Outcomes: Child Welfare and Early Childhood (Center for the Study of Social Policy, Aug'10)
Building Resilience - the Power to Cope with Adversity (Zero to Three, 2010)
Exploring the Links Between Family Strengths and Adolescent Outcomes (ChildTrends, 2009)
How Agencies Can Support Family and Social Network Development(A.E.Casey, 2006)
Intensive Family Preservation Services: The Perceptions of Client Families (MSU, 2007)
Parent Education & Training Programs in a Child Welfare Population: A Review of the Evidence (USM, 2010)
Parent Training Programs: Insight for Practitioners (CDC, 2009)
Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect(CWIG, 2013)
Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Healthy Women- Healthy Babies (2007)
Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome (Centers for Disease Control, 2010)
Progress Toward A Prevention Perspective (2009)
Realizing the Promise of Home Visitation: Addressing Domestic Violence and Child Maltreatment (Family Violence Prevention Fund, 2010)
Replicating the Family Connections Program: Lessons Learned
Safe, Stable, and Nurturing Relationships (Sounding Board March 2014)
Strengthening Families Through Early Care and Education
Supporting Families Makes a Difference: A Partnership for Prevention & Well-Being (2002)
Supporting Evidence Based Home Visiting (2014)
Talking About Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention (Online Toolkit, 2009)