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Florida CFSR Round 3 (2016)

Florida Child Welfare System Program Improvement Plan (PIP)
Florida Child Welfare System Program Improvement Plan (PIP) Measurement Plan
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Regional PIP Template
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Florida CQI Data – by CBC and Statewide for CFSR and Florida CQI
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Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) Exit Conference (01/24/2017) (Video)
Florida CFSR 2016 Results Meeting (PowerPoint Slides) (1/24/17)
CFSR 2016 Final Report
Review Schedule April 1 - September 30, 2016
Florida's Statewide Assessment (March 2016)
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Onsite Review Instrument
Onsite Review Training (3/15/16)
A Guide for Implementing Improvement Through the CFSP and CFSR (2014)
Stakeholder Interviews Master Schedule (June 2016)
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Foster and Adoptive Parent Parent and Caregiver (Spanish)
Foster and Adoptive Parent (Spanish) Substance Abuse Treatment Professionals
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Form 3: Confidentiality StatementForm 8: Case Elimination Worksheet
Form 4: CFSR Pre-Review Case Face Sheet & Interview ScheduleForm 9: Issue Resolution Log

Florida CFSR Round 2 (2008)

Final Report from the Children's Bureau
Federal Program Improvement Plan
CFSR Informational PowerPoint