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Task Force Reports

Barahona Report
The Nubia Report - The Investigative Panel’s Findings and Recommendations, March 10, 2011

Courtney Clark
DCF Family Safety Quality Assurance Review of Courtney Alisa Clark - Initial Findings, 2007

Gabriel Myers
Report of Gabriel Myers Work Group on Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse, May 14, 2010

Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Child Protection, Nov. 7, 2003 (Rilya Wilson)
The Blue Ribbon Panel on Child Protection was established May 6, 2002, by Governor Jeb Bush. This is the final progress report from the Blue Ribbon Panel.

Lucas Chambrone
The Governor's Panel and Child Protection Issues: A Review of the Lucas Chambrone Case Final Report, 1995

Task Force on Child Protection
Annual Report of the Task Force on Child Protection, October 2007- September 2008