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Be heard at your next court hearing!!!

The intent of the Child Judicial Input form is to provide YOU with a way to be heard in court hearings. It allows you an opportunity to offer input to the court system regarding your cases prior to and during your court hearing. Whether it be education related issues, social issues, visitation questions, or any other type of input that you might want to make the court aware of, our objective is to provide a tool that will allow you to communicate at your own will with the judge and the court in general, as freely and as comfortably as you deem appropriate. Each input form was designed with age appropriate content. As the forms are not all inclusive, you may add input or concerns to the form if a specific topic of interest is not included. Simply put, this is YOUR chance to tell the judge about your case and what is important to you, so take the time to make your voice heard! Download and complete the correct form based on your age and provide it to your Case Worker or GAL.

Domestic Violence and Relationships

Creating Boundaries

Dating Basics (2015) (loveisrespect.org)

Help a Friend - in an abusive relationship (2015) (loveisrespect.org)

Its Your Call: Make the Right Decision (National Campaign to Prevent Pregnancy)

Love Is Respect (printable handouts)

Sex and Healthy Relationships (2015) (loveisrespect.org)

Teens and Relationship Abuse (QPI video)


Drivers License Handbook

Driver License Office Locations

How Do I get my first License or ID card?

How Do I replace my stolen or lost License or ID card?

Keys to Independence - Florida

Life Skills Training: Keys to Independence (QPI video)

Drug Prevention and Information

Above the Influence

NIDA for Teens

The Cool Spot

Financial Literacy

NEW Finance Your Future Flyer (Dept. of Financial Services’ online financial literacy program for teens, parents, teachers and other adults)

NEW Building Wealth: A Beginner’s Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Youth and Young Adults in Foster Care (NRCYD, 2014)

Creating a Credit Profile: How To Build Your Credit (NRCYD, 2014)

Get Tax Savvy: What You Need to Know About Taxes (NRCYD, 2014)

Know Your Credit History: How to Interpret a Credit Report (NRCYD, 2014)

Know Your Rights: Money - Key Issues for Youth in Out-of-Home Care (Fl Children First)

Protect Yourself and Your Stuff: What You Need to Know About Insurance (NRCYD, 2014)


How Do I apply for Food Stamps, Cash Assistance and Medicaid?

How Do I apply for WIC (Women, Infant and Children)

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

Florida Health and Transition Services (website)

When You are 18... Health Care Transition Guide for Young Adults (FL CMS, 2009)


Affordable Housing in Florida

Furnishing Your First Place

Section 8 Housing

Youth and Dependency Court

Hearing Your Voice (ABA, 2008)

I'm Going to Court -Booklet for Youth (ECA)

Make your Voice Heard: A Guide to Dependency Court (video)

Tales From Delinquency Court (video from FL Office of Court Improvement)

What's Happening in Dependency Court? An Activity Book for Children (FL Office of Court Improvement)

Youth in Court Fact Sheet (Fl Children First, 2012)

Life Skills

Casey Life Skills

Food, Glorious, Food! Nutrition and Cooking for Kids Leaving Foster Care (Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, 2010)

Great! You Got the Job! Now What?!? (Adoption Resources of Wisconsin, 2009)

How Do I Order My Birth Certificate?

How Do I Order My Social Security Card?

How Do I Register to Vote?

Identity Theft Tip Sheet for Youth in Foster Care (WI DCF)

The Youthhood

Social Groups and Networking

Florida Youth SHINE (Striving High for Independence and Empowerment)

Foster Care Alumni

ifoster.org -'Free' Member Discount Program for transitioning youth

Jim Casey Youth Opportunities

Teen Central - Teen Help for Teen Problems

Social Media

Social Media Tips for Youth in Foster Care (2017)

Transitioning to Adulthood

Frequently Asked Questions for Foster Youth Transitioning to Adulthood (FCC, 2007)

I'm Getting Ready For My Next Move...(AAP, 2014)

Keep In Touch(ACF)

My Future, My Choice (DCF)

On Your Own, But Not Alone - A Handbook to Empower Florida Youth Leaving Foster Care (ABA, 2008)

Things People Never Told Me (RTC Pathways, 2012)

Transition: The Passage from Youth to Adulthood (FCC)

Youth Rights and Advocacy

Children's Rights and Expectations (DCF)

Digital Stories - Our Voices, Our Stories (Florida's Children First)

Free Legal Health Check Up (for former youth in care - ages 18-25)

Making an SSI Determination for Disabled Youth In Foster Care When the Application Effective Date is On or After Age 18 (SSA, Jan'10)

Represent - The Voice of Youth in Foster Care

Speak Up (ACF)

Youth Voice in Policy: A Guide to Shaping History (Federation of Families, 2010)