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Presented by Sandnes Boulanger, Kay Doughty, Jonathan Essenburg, from Operation PAR. This live web event will help Child Welfare Professionals understand the impact of substance abuse on child welfare and help them to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and identify red flags that may indicate abuse in the home. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
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Join us for this informative training presented by Beatriz Romero-Escobar and Barbara Stampul with the Department of Health and Human Services. This training is intended for CPI, CPI Supervisors, Case Managers, Case Management Supervisors, Adoption Counselors, Adoption Counselor Supervisors, Children Legal Services Attorneys. Please only register for one of the events.

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The Quality Parenting Initiative invites you to join us for this Live Web Event. Presented by: Carol Campbell Edwards, QPI Facilitated by: Lora Diaz, QPI Training Coordinator This conversation allows participants the opportunity to explore grief and loss specific to child welfare. Our focus will be on the grief and loss caregivers and their families experience as a result of providing excellent care to children. From the loss of privacy and family routines to the loss of children that are moved, caregivers and their families are impacted by grief and loss. Coping strategies and healing actions families can utilize will be discussed. Click here for details and to register for the event.

This year's conference will provide various networking opportunities including more than 20 presentations, featuring national speakers that will ignite dynamic conversations, and provide innovative and inspiring ideas that will energize our community organizations and improve our system of care.

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